Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

Page 7

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3. Turn the model back over and set it on a fl at table

so that the wings are level. Take a few steps back and
visually check the alignment of the horizontal tail. Adjust
the horizontal tail until it is parallel with the wing. Small
adjustments can be made by gently tapping the horizontal
tail on the high side with your fi nger.

4. Being careful not to disturb the alignment, wick about

5-8 drops of regular thin CA into the tail boom to fuselage
pod joint. Carefully set the model aside and let the glue
dry. Note: If you ever need to debond the CA joints, please
purchase Great Planes CA debonder (GPMR6039).

5. Read the Radio System Instructions section on page

13 in this manual. Then, install the four supplied AA alkaline

batteries in the transmitter with the correct polarity.

6. Check to make sure that the servo direction switches

are confi gured as shown.

7. Set the throttle stick (left stick) to idle (all the way

down) and turn on the transmitter. The power indicator light
should be glowing a steady red. A fl ashing red light indicates
low voltage. If this is the case, replace the batteries before
connecting your fl ight battery pack.

8. Center the aileron, elevator, throttle, and rudder trims

on the transmitter by listening to the beeps. You will hear
a low, short beep each time you bump the trim. When you
hear one high, short beep you have reached the center.
Experiment running the trim to the extreme limits a few times
to familiarize yourself with where the center is at. When
you’re done, return all trims to their center position.


IMPORTANT: For the following procedure the propeller
must not be mounted to the motor. If you have skipped
ahead and already mounted the propeller, remove
the propeller before proceeding. Otherwise, you may
inadvertently start the motor and the spinning propeller
could cause damage or injury.

When the glue has dried, remove the upper wing and

the battery hatch (canopy).

10. Steps 10 through 22 require you to power the

radio system. With the transmitter still on, plug the LiPo
battery into the speed control (ESC) connector. When the