Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

Page 8

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connection is made you will hear two beeps coming from
the ESC. IMPORTANT: The beeping sound alerts you
that the system has power and the motor is “armed.” This
means whenever the throttle control stick is advanced, the
propeller will turn. So later, when the propeller is mounted
and you are ready to fl y, keep clear of the propeller while
handling the model
and do not inadvertently advance the
throttle stick. If you do, the propeller will turn and damage
or injury could be caused.

11. If you did not hear two beeps, you will need to perform

the binding operation to set up a link between the transmitter

(Tx) and receiver (Rx). Pull the receiver out of the plane and

follow the Radio System Instructions section on page 13
to bind the receiver.

12. Turn the model over. With the trims centered, remove

the retaining screw and remove the servo arm from the
elevator servo (the servo on the airplane’s left side).

13. Carefully unscrew the pushrod locking screw from the

screw-lock pushrod connector. You do not need to completely
remove the screw – loosen it until you can slide the pushrod
freely through the hole. Note: The screw threads are coated
with thread locking compound, so you will need to grip the
body of the screw-lock pushrod connector with a pair of
needle-nosed pliers.

14. Slide the connector with the servo arm onto the

elevator pushrod. Fit the servo arm to the splined servo
output shaft so that the arm is about 90° with relation to the
pushrod. Install the servo arm retaining screw. Note: If you
can’t get the arm to get close to 90° by just matching up the
splines, move the elevator trim up or down (up to 10 clicks)
until you are satisfi ed. Setting the servo arm at 90° to the
pushrod will give you equal control throw in both directions.