Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

Page 9

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15. Tighten the pushrod locking screw so that it just

contacts the pushrod. Back it off about 1/8


of a turn

so that you can move the pushrod in the connector with
some friction.

16. Place the centering mark of the elevator setup

gauge directly over the elevator hinge line. Use the tool to
set the elevator to 3° of up-elevator, with the elevator servo
at neutral.

17. With the elevator in position, tighten the elevator

servo’s pushrod locking screw securely. Check the elevator
position with the elevator setup gauge to make sure that it
didn’t slip when you tightened the locking screw.

18. Remove the servo arm from the rudder servo. Loosen

the pushrod locking screw and fi t it to the rudder pushrod.
Install the rudder servo arm as close to 90° to the pushrod
as you can. Install the servo arm retaining screw.

19. Use a straight edge to set the rudder throw to zero

degrees of travel. Tighten the rudder pushrod locking screw
and check the rudder again to see that it is still centered.

20. Plug the two aileron servo leads into the Y-connector

so that the orange wire on the servo lead is aligned with the
orange wire on the Y-connector.