Kit inspection, Assemble the model, Assemble the wings – Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

Page 5: Install the tail

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Before starting to build, take an inventory of this kit to make
sure it is complete, and inspect the parts to make sure they
are of acceptable quality. If any parts are missing or are not of
acceptable quality, or if you need assistance with assembly,
contact Product Support. When reporting defective or
missing parts, use the part names exactly as they are written
in the Kit Contents list.

Hobbico Product Support

Ph: (217) 398-8970, ext. 5

3002 N Apollo Drive, Suite 1

Fax: (217) 398-7721

Champaign, IL 61822



IMPORTANT: DO NOT mount the propeller to the airplane
yet. The setup procedures will require you to turn on the
radio and motor system. A mounted propeller could cause
damage or injury if the throttle is accidentally bumped or
the servo reversing switch is actuated.

Assemble the Wings

1. Turn the right wing over so that the servo and linkage

are facing toward you. Insert the wood wing joiner into the
right wing so that the angled corners of the joiner face the
top of the wing. Note: You will not be able to fully insert the
joiner if you insert it upside down.

2. Slide the other wing onto the joiner until both

wings meet.

3. Turn the wing over. Peel the backing paper off of the

supplied 11-3/4" [300mm] piece of wing joining tape. Apply
the tape so that it secures the plastic center wing piece to
the right wing. Wrap the tape around the wing and trim off
any excess tape with scissors.

Install the Tail


Do not remove the pieces of tape that hold in

the pushrods until you have connected the pushrods to the
elevator and the rudder (see step 5 below). Otherwise, the
pushrods may slip into the tail boom and will be diffi cult
to re-route.

1. On the horizontal tail and tail boom assembly, point the

tail boom away from you and the top of the horizontal tail
facing up so that you are looking at the control linkages as
shown. Attach the left pushrod clevis to the elevator control
horn by inserting the clevis pin into the inner hole of the
horn. Snap the clevis fi ngers together and slide the clevis
retainer into position over the fi ngers as shown. Check to
make sure that the connection is secure.