Additional items required, Optional batteries & chargers, Ordering replacement parts – Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

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the assistance of an experienced pilot in your R/C club for
your fi rst fl ights. If you’re not a member of a club, your local
hobby shop has information about clubs in your area whose
membership includes experienced pilots.

4. While this kit has been fl ight tested to exceed normal use,

if the plane will be used for extremely high stress fl ying, such
as racing, or if a motor larger than one in the recommended
range is used, the modeler is responsible for taking steps to
reinforce the high stress points and/or substituting hardware
more suitable for the increased stress.

We, as the kit manufacturer, provide you with a top quality,
thoroughly tested kit and instructions, but ultimately the
quality and fl yability of your fi nished model depends
on how you build it; therefore, we cannot in any way
guarantee the performance of your completed model,
and no representations are expressed or implied as to the
performance or safety of your completed model.


In order to build your SkyFly Max, you will need to purchase
some regular (foam safe not required) CA and have a few
common household tools on hand. The following is a list of
required and optional supplies and tools you will need:

Required Items

1/2 oz. [15g] Thin Pro

CA (GPMR6001)

#1 Phillips Screw Driver


Pliers, regular & needle-nose

Felt-Tipped Pen (TOPQ2510)

Optional Items

1/2 oz. [15g] Medium Pro CA+ (GPMR6007)

CA applicator tips (HCAR3780)

2 oz. [60g] Foam Safe CA Activator (GPMR6035)

CA debonder (GPMR6039)

Great Planes


Pro Thread locker (GPMR6060)

#1 Hobby knife (HCAR0105)

#11 blades (5-pack, HCAR0211)

Masking tape

Great Planes Stick-on lead weights (GPMQ4485)


To enjoy more fl ights, you may want to order a few more

LiPo battery packs, a better charger and power supply. If you
already have some LiPo battery packs, you may be able to
use them in this airplane too. This model uses an 11.1V (3S)
LiPo battery pack. Because this model’s motor draws about

15 amps, you will need to use a battery pack with the proper

“C-rating.” We suggest using a battery no smaller than an

11.1V 1500mAh 15C LiPo and a battery no larger than an
11.1V 2200mAh 25C LiPo.

Replacement Battery

Hobbico Flyzone 11.1V (3S) 1800mAh LiPo

Optional Batteries

Hobbico Flyzone 11.1V (3S) 1800mAh LiPo

11.1V (3S) 1500mAh SuperTigre


LiPo (SUPP1040)

11.1V (3S) 1800mAh SuperTigre LiPo (SUPP1050)

The batteries listed below will work with this model but you

will also need to purchase the adapter listed.



Ultra Male to SuperTigre


ESC Adapter


11.1V (3S) 1600mAh BP Series LiPo (GPMP0719)

11.1V (3S) 1800mAh Power Series LiPo (GPMP0515)

11.1V (3S) 2200mAh Power Series LiPo (GPMP0520)


Replacement parts for the Flyzone SkyFly Max are available
using the order numbers in the Replacement Parts List that
follows on page 4. The fastest, most economical service can

be provided by your hobby dealer or mail-order company.

To locate a hobby dealer, visit the Hobbico web site at www. Choose “Where to Buy” at the bottom of the
menu on the left side of the page. Follow the instructions
provided on the page to locate a U.S., Canadian or
International dealer.

Parts may also be ordered directly from Hobby Services by
calling (217) 398-0007, or via facsimile at (217) 398-7721,

but full retail prices and shipping and handling charges will
apply. Illinois and Nevada residents will also be charged
sales tax. If ordering via fax, include a Visa


or MasterCard


number and expiration date for payment.

Mail parts orders Hobby Services

and payments by 3002 N Apollo Drive, Suite 1

personal check to: Champaign IL 61822

Be certain to specify the order number exactly as listed in
the Replacement Parts List. Payment by credit card or
personal check only; no C.O.D.

If additional assistance is required for any reason contact
Product Support by e-mail at,
or by telephone at (217) 398-8970.