Hook up the controls – Flyzone HCAA2511 User Manual

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2. Fit the vertical tail tabs into the corresponding slots

on the top side of the horizontal tail. Push the vertical tail
in securely.

3. Run a thin bead of any thin CA adhesive

(GPMR6001) into the tab joints on both sides of the tail.

To speed up the cure of the CA, spray on a light mist of

CA activator (GPMR6035).

4. Attach the rudder clevis to the outer hole of the rudder

control horn. Snap the clevis fi ngers together and slide
the clevis retainer into position. Check to make sure the
connection is secure.

5. Remove the tape from the elevator and rudder pushrods.

NOTE: If you ever have to re-route the pushrods (such as
when replacing them), use CA debonder and a hobby knife
to remove the inner wood pushrod support. This part can be
discarded or reinstalled.

Hook Up the Controls

1. Temporarily fi t the wing to the fuselage using two of the

supplied 8" [203mm] rubber bands.

2. Turn the model over and remove the servo hatch cover.

With the vertical tail pointing up toward the top of the wing,

slide the tail boom into the hole in the pod until the end of the
boom is fl ush with the rear wall of the servo compartment.