Installing and using the camera utility, Setup > recording options – Cisco WVC80N User Manual

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Chapter 2

Installing and Using the Camera Utility


Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera

My Camera List

The My camera list section of the Setup > Cameras screen
contains a list of all Cameras that have been added (up to

Camera Name

Displays the name of the Camera.

Selecting a Camera on this list will display its details in the
Camera Details section of the screen.

Add Camera to my list

Automatically add cameras

Displays a list of currently

detected Cameras on your LAN. To add a camera to My
camera list
, select the Camera from the Automatically add
list and click Add to my list. If your Camera is not
listed, click Refresh to update the list, or add the Camera

Manually add cameras

To manually add a Camera to

My camera list, go to the Address field and enter either its
web address or its IP address with port number. Then click
Add to my list. To erase your entry, click Clear.

Camera Details

The Camera Details section allows you to enter camera
information and then displays video and information from
the currently selected Camera.

Camera Status

Displays the status of the selected


Camera Name

Displays the name of the selected Camera.

IP Address

Displays the IP address of the selected


User Name

Displays the selected Camera’s user name.


Displays the selected Camera’s password. For

security reasons, the password is displayed as “•••••“.

Port Number

Displays the selected Camera’s port


Stream Type

Displays the selected Camera’s stream type.

To change the stream type, select either MJPEG or MPEG4
from the drop down list and click Save.

Two buttons are located under the video display. These
buttons act upon the selected Camera’s video as explained




Click this button to flip the current

video display top-to-bottom.


Click this button to reverse the

current video display left-to-right.

Click Advanced Camera Settings to open the Web-based

Setup > Recording Options

Click on the Recording Options tab to set the recording
schedule for a network Camera.

Setup > Recording Options

Video Recording Options

To set the selected Camera to continuously record, select
Always Record.

To set up a recording schedule for the selected Camera:

1. Select Record on a Scheduled Time Range if you

want the Camera to record during the specified dates
and times, or select Record on Motion Event in
Scheduled Time Range Only
if you want the Camera
to record only at those (specified) dates and times
when movement is detected.

2. Fill in the following fields:

Select Days

From the drop down menu, select the

days on which you want the Camera to record. The
choices are One Time, Every Day, Mon-Fri, Sat-
, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, and Sat. (All
settings except One Time cause recording to occur
on a recurring basis.)

Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Enter the date to start

the recording, in mm/dd/yyyy format, or select the
start date using the drop down calendar.

Start Time (hh:mm)

Select the time to start the

recording using the drop down menus.

End Time (hh:mm)

Select the time to end the

recording using the drop down menus.

3. Click Add to list to save the new recording schedule.
4. The scheduled recording appears in the table of

scheduled recordings at the bottom of the screen.