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Chapter 2

Installing and Using the Camera Utility


Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera

Using the Camera Utility for the First Time

The Camera Utility starts up automatically after the Utility
is successfully installed. To set up your first camera:

1. Click the Setup

icon in the upper left corner of the


2. The Cameras tab is displayed. Select your Camera from

the Automatically add cameras list and click Add to
my list
. If your Camera is not listed, click Refresh to
update the list, or add the Camera manually.
To manually add a Camera, go to the Address field
and enter either its web address or its IP address, or to
access a camera on the WAN, enter its IP address with
port number. Then click Add to my list.

3. Complete the Port Number and Stream Type fields. If

you want to access the Camera as an administrator,
also complete the User Name and Password fields. (You
may access the Camera without completing these
fields if you are logged in as a guest.)

4. The Camera is installed. It appears in the My camera

list section, and its video output is displayed in Camera

To learn how to use the Camera Utility, go to “Using the
Camera Utility.”

Advanced users: If you want to use the Camera’s Web-
based Utility, go to “Chapter 3: Advanced Configuration
with the Web-Based Utility.”

Using the Camera Utility

After the Camera Utility is installed, its icon is displayed on
the Desktop and in the System Tray of the Taskbar. To open
the Camera Utility, use either icon as follows:

Double-click the icon on your desktop

Right-click the icon in the system tray, then click
Linksys by Cisco Wireless-N Internet Home
Monitoring Camera

Desktop Icon

System Tray Icon

When you are finished using the Camera Utility, close the
Utility window by clicking the X button in the upper-right
corner. The Utility will continue to run in the background,
and any scheduled recordings will proceed as planned.

To exit the Utility completely, right-click the Utility’s system
tray icon and select Exit.

Menu Icons

The utility has three menu icons in the upper left corner:
LiveView, View Recordings, and Setup.


View Recordings



When you first open the Utility, the LiveView window is
displayed. The LiveView window can also be accessed by
clicking the LiveView icon. The LiveView window contains
the viewing area, as well as the View Layout and Controls