Chapter 1: product overview, Front panel, Bottom panel – Cisco WVC80N User Manual

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Chapter 1

Product Overview


Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera

Chapter 1:
Product Overview

Thank you for choosing the Linksys Wireless-N Internet
Home Monitoring Camera. The Camera sends live video
through the Internet to a web browser anywhere in the
world! This compact, self-contained unit lets you keep an
eye on your home, your kids, your workplace—whatever’s
important to you.

Front Panel

Power LED



(Blue) This LED lights up when the

Camera is powered on. It flashes while the
Camera is booting up and remains lit when the
Camera is ready for use.


The microphone is used to record

ambient sound.

Bottom Panel

Reset Button


This button is used to reset the Camera.

To reset, insert an object with a small tip, such
as a pen, press the button until you feel it click,
then hold for 10 seconds.


Resetting the Camera will erase all

of your settings, such as encryption information,
and replace them with the factory defaults. Do
not reset the Camera if you want to retain your


The Camera’s factory default settings are.

user name: admin

password: admin

Back Panel

Wi-Fi Protected Setup™

If you have an Access

Point that supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup™,
then you can use this button to automatically
configure the Camera’s wireless security for
your wireless network.

On/Off Button

Press the On/Off button to

power the device on or off.


The Power port is where you connect

the power adapter.


The Ethernet port is where you

connect the Ethernet network cable.


To learn how to set up the Camera, please

read the Camera’s Quick Installation Guide.