Advanced configuration with the web-based utility, Resolution, Zoom factor – Cisco WVC80N User Manual

Page 14: Snapshot, Audio

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Chapter 3

Advanced Configuration with the Web-based Utility


Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera


Use the Resolution drop-down menu to select the display
resolution. Possible values are Auto (default), 640x480,
320x240, or 160x120. The display changes to the new
resolution immediately after it is selected.

View Video (320x240 Resolution)

View Video (160x120 Resolution)

Zoom Factor

You use the Zoom button to zoom in and out of the
displayed video.

Zoom Button

When you click the button, the cursor changes to a
magnifying glass labeled with the current zoom factor

(cycles through 1x, 2x, and 4x). Position the cursor over the
part of the image you want to magnify and click once.


You use the Snapshot button to capture a still image of
the video display.

Snapshot Button

When you click this button, the Snap Shot window
appears. Click Save to save the image, or click Cancel to
exit without saving the image.

Snap Shot Window


Use the Audio button to toggle the sound on or off from
the Camera’s built-in microphone. The button’s appearance
indicates whether the sound is on or off. When the sound
is on, you can adjust the volume by sliding the volume
control to the left to lower the volume, or to the right to
increase the volume.

Audio Button:

Sound ON

Audio Button:

Sound OFF

Volume Adjustment