View recordings, Installing and using the camera utility – Cisco WVC80N User Manual

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Chapter 2

Installing and Using the Camera Utility


Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera


The video controls are located along the right edge of the
LiveView window in the Controls section.


These controls act upon the selected Camera as explained




Click this button to view the

current video.

Instant Record

Click this button to

record the current video.*


Click this button to take a

snapshot of the current video image.


Click this button to toggle the

sound on or off. Move the slider to the
left to decrease the volume or to the
right to increase the volume..


This feature is not available

on the WVC80N.


Move the slider to the left to

decrease the video quality or to the right
to increase the video quality.**


Move the slider to zoom into

current video display. The zoom factor
cycles from 1x to 16x. Click the Up, Down,
Left, and Right arrows to navigate within
the monitor window.

* The length of the recording is configured in the
Setup > Settings screen of the Camera Utility. During
recording, the Utility’s System Tray icon turns into an
animated icon (arrow moves up and down).

When recording ends, the icon reverts to its original state.

Recording In Progress

No Recording In Progress

** This option will only be selectable when the MPEG-4/
MJPEG Setting is set to Fixed Quality. This setting is found
in the Advanced Configuration > Image screen of the
Camera’s Web-based Utility.

View Recordings

The View Recordings window is accessed by clicking the
View Recordings icon. The View Recordings window
is used to play back videos that you have recorded and
saved. This window has three sections: Video Controls,
Memory Status, and the video playback section.

View Recordings

Video Controls

This section of the View Recordings window allows you to
perform basic functions on the video you have selected
for playback.

Video Controls