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Page 21: New motion trigger schedule

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Chapter 3

Advanced Configuration with the Web-based Utility


Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera

Set Sensitivity Area

Set Sensitivity Area

If you want to specify the sensitivity

area settings for motion detection, click this button to
display the Set Sensitivity Area window. The Set Sensitivity
window lets you specify the area of the video screen
that is used to detect motion. This is either the full screen,
or up to three user-defined custom areas within the full

Set Sensitivity Area


In order to set the Camera’s sensitivity

area, you will need to access the Web-based
utility using Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

The following fields appear on the left side of the Set
Sensitivity Area
window for each sensitivity area. Specify
the settings as needed, then click Apply.

Full Screen or Window 2-4

This is the name of the

sensitivity area, either Full screen by default, or if
Setting Custom Area is selected, Window 2, Window 3,
or Window 4 (custom areas). To change a custom
area name to a more appropriate name, such as Front
, enter the new name in this field.

Setting Custom Area

To specify custom area(s) within

the full screen, check this box, then configure up to
three custom sensitivity areas. By default only one
area, Window 2, is selected. To create an additional
area, check the box next to its name. You can move
or resize each area as needed. Custom areas may also


Slide this to the left to reduce the area’s

sensitivity, or to the right to increase sensitivity.

New Motion Trigger Schedule

This section allows you to create a schedule that
determines when motion detection will be active. To do
this, you define one or more “trigger” events, or periods
during which motion detection will be in effect. For each
trigger event, fill in the following fields.

Trigger Motion Detection

Specify how often this trigger

event occurs: Every day, Weekdays (Mon - Fri), or on
specific days of the week (Sunday to Saturday).

Start Time and End Time

Specify the start and end times

for the event.


Click Add to add the new event to the schedule.


Click Clear to clear the schedule of all events.


To delete an event from the Schedule List, select

the event, then click Delete.

Schedule List

This displays all of the scheduled trigger

events that you have defined and saved. It is empty by

To save your changes, click Apply. To cancel any unsaved
changes, click Cancel. To get additional information about
the screen’s features, click Help.

Setup > Recording

The Setup > Recording screen allows you to record video
to Samba compatible devices such as your Mac or PC’s
shared folder, or to a NAS (network-attached storage) on
your network.

Setup > Recording


Check this box to enable the Camera’s recording