Decorator, Blind stitch hemmer, Decorators – SINGER W134 User Manual

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Fig. 45


(Fig. 45)

With the wonderful new decorator your machine

converts to a master-controlled performer of em­

broidery magic. It's so simple, too. Just remove

the presser foot, attach the "A.D." and you're ready

to make eight different decorative patterns. Each

pattern of course, has many variations in width and

length. All designs are built right into the deco­

rator, reducing your effort to a minimum...and you

use ordinary thread, standard needles.


(Fig. 461

With the use of this attachment you are able to

quickly produce invisible stitched hems on dresses,

skirts, draperies and etc. Also save many tedious

hours of hand work and give your sewing that pro­

fessional look.

Just fold your material and let the attachment take


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Fig. 46