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5. Adjusting button clamp (as shown in Fig.ll).

The button clamp is suitable for attaching two or four or bar buttons of 9-26mm in

outside diameter.

To adjust the clamp jaws, loosen screw (2), pull back the button clamp adjusting

plate (3), and adjust the clamp jaws to the desired width, then securely tighten the

screw. The width between clamp jaws with button should be slightly smaller than

width between clamp jaws without button. It is easy for the button to be inserted or

taken out. If the opening of the clamp jaws is not wide enough, it is difficult to insert

button in and at the same time will cause unnecessary wearing of the clamp.

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6. Threading and thread tension discs (as shown in Fig. 13).

Thread the machine in accordance with the diagram as shown in Fig. 13.Threading

improperly will affect the sewing quality directly.

There are three thread tension discs installed at the top of the machine and each of




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