SINGER 1375A3 User Manual

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screw (l).In order to pull or push the handle (2) easily,you should pull or push it by

the left hand and nip the button clamp jaw holder by the right hand to pull toward
(directed by the arrow as shown in figl5.).







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VI. Lubrication and maintenance.

In order to keep excellent performance and ensure a long life of the machine, the

machine should be carefully maintained. All holes and moving parts should be oiled

daily with singer oil type C. Most of the bushing adopt ferroalloy which features of a

thin film of oil and good lubrication. Some key parts are fitted with oil felt and

should keep good lubrication. Regularly remove cover to check and see if the oil

comes up to the surface of the felt and if not, fill up with oil. Clutch wheel and brake

should not be oiled in order to affect driving and braking.




VD. Trouble shooting.

1 .The needle breaks.

a. The button clamp is improperly installed. The needle doesn't fall in the center

of each hole in the button, and strike with button while turning.


The feed plate is improperly installed. Needle strikes with the whole

periphery of the feed plate.

c. Needle guard hit needle.

d. Looper strikes with needle when come to meet.

e. The position of the worm has been moved. The lengthwise feed'of the button

clamp and crosswise movement of the needle before the needle entering into the

buttonhole must be stopped.

f. Poor quality of the button, the buttonholes are oblique or improper positioning

of the button itself.

2.Thread breaks.

a.The needlepoint has been spoiled and the eye and grooves of the needle not smooth



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