Fs^i, S<jiffi§iiia*a^j, Fs, '±m.mn^%9r, ji^^isip^pfl, eiis±m#rts<jai£ihii – SINGER 1375A3 User Manual

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7. Fxmction of thread trimming.

The button clamp-lifting rod will drive the crank of thread trimming shaft, and the

motion of thread trimmer will cut inside thread. Adjust the position of hanger

crank(P25-i.5B4), make thread trimmer cut thread first, then lift button clamp. Or if the

button clamp is lifting while the trimming knife fails to reach the trimming position,

the thread will break and the stitches easily tend to loose.



8. Shift cam unit, (model 1375A3)

Open the hinged cover, you can see the

shift cam unit (as shown in Figl5), which

is designed for model 1375A3, and is

used to shift crossover stitches and

parallel stitches. The position which the

illustration shows is suitable to crossover

stitches. If you need parallel stitches, you

can loose screw (1), pull out the handle

(2), make the wheel (3) well touch with

profile of the shift cam, and then tight the

15 Fig-15




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