SINGER 1375A3 User Manual

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1/3HP, 220V)




ni.Cautions before operation.

1. Don’t hold the rear cover when transporting.

2. Never let your machine rotate in reverse direction.The correct operating direction

of the machine is clockwise as viewed form the operator.

3. When a machine is new or has been idle for several weeks,it is advisable to apply

oil to all holes,movable parts and oil felts.


IV. Installation of machine.

1. First assemble machine frame.

2. Fit button switch and motor to sewing machine table. To install the motor (as

shown in Fig.l), first fasten motor base (2) to sewing machine table by means of

bolts (5), flat washers(6),spring washers(7) and hexagon nuts(8),then fasten the

motor(3) to motor base (2) by means of hexagon bolts(9),flat washers( 10),spring

washers(ll) and hexagon nuts(12).

3. After completing the assembling of machine frame and table, install the machine

head. First loosen screw (1) to remove rear cover (as shown in Fig.2), then fasten the

machine head to sewing machine table by means of four long bolts.

4. To install the belt.

The belt connecting the motor with the sewing machine head should be tightened

properly. Press belt with your thumb, and adjust the belt tension by turning nut of

motor base (4 in Fig. 1) so that the belt can be depressed 2-2.5 cm with a finger.

5. To install chains.

A. To install the chain for the starting lever: remove rear cover, hitch the S shape

hook of the chain to the hole located in the front end of starting lever (as shown

in Fig.3).

B. To install the chain for the button clamp lifting rod: remove hinged cover,

connect the straight hook with chain, and hitch it to the , connecting hook on the

button clamp lifting rod (as shown in Fig.4).

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