SINGER 1375A3 User Manual

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4.To adjust the needle position above button.

The needle must fall in the center of holes in the button. There are two steps to

adjust Lateral distance of buttonholes is controlled by needle vibrating crank. When

connecting rod is nioved out, lateral distance will be increased, and vice versa. As

shown in Fig.9.Longitudinal distance of buttonholes is regulated by needle crossing

crank. When its connecting link is moved downward, the longitudinal distance will

be increased, and vice versa. When the link is at its highest position, the longitudinal

distance is zero, the machine is to attach two hole buttons, as shown in Fig. 10.

If the needle can not fall in the center of holes in the button due to improperly

installed button clamp, then the button clamp must be adjusted. Loosen two hexagon

screws (1), and move the button clamp properly (as shown in Figll). Check if the

needle falls in the center of hole in feed plate before adjusting the button clamp.

The position of needle above the button is closely related to sewing performance.

Make absolutely certain when adjusting. To adjust the button clamp for the size of

button to be sewn on, choose good quality button and insert it in the clamp, pushing it

as far as it will go. When the button is correctly placed into position in the clamp,

depressing the threadle to release the button clamps. Put material under the button

clamp if it slides after falling down jfreely. Turn the main shaft slowly to bring the

needle to the centre of each hole in thé button.

When buttons of different sizes are to be sewn on one suit at the same time, the

distances from center to center of two kinds of buttons should be close. Adjusting the

button clamp in accordance with the small button, and the needle may not fall m the

center of holes in big buttons, as shown in Fig.l2.Notice: Don't let needle contact with

the hole periphery of the button.



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