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In the above-mentioned position, there is a very slight clearance between the

point of looper and needle. It is necessary that the needle pass 0.1-0.2mm to the

needle guard, but widiout actually rubbing against it. (see fig 8). Notice: The

clearance between needle and needle guard should be the same when the needle is

swinging right and left.

B. The relative position of needle, looper and spreader.

Turn the needle down from the highest position until needle point is in line with

the bottom of spreader. Then the spreader should be in a state of relative rest while

the needle will continue its downward stroke until the lowest position. The needle

will move upward from the lowest position to such a position where the spreader is

beginning to swing (but still in a state of rest). In such a position, the clearance

from the point of looper to fork of spreader should be 0-0.85mm.Loosen set screw'

of spreader to adjust.(see fig 8a).




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