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5. How to sew rolled hem

Both 1-needle 3-thread and 1-needle 2-thread rolled hem stitching can be performed on this machine.

This machine is also capable of performing standard and right looper thread wrapped 1-needle 3-thread

and standard and left looper thread wrapped 1-needie 2-thread rolled hem stitching.

Rolled hemming can only be performed with the right overedgc needle. Be sure to remove left
overeefoe needle and chainstitch needle.

1. Fabric, needle, thread and stitch length

Fabric: Lightweight fabrics such as lawn, voil, organdy, crepe, etc. perform best.

Rolled hemming is done by rolling and overedging the fabric edge (1.5mm seam width) at the

same time and is not suited for heavy and stiff fabrics.

Needle: Singer Cat. No. 2054 #10.

Thread: A variety of thread combinations can be used for rolled hemming.

Stitch length adjustment (See page 27)

For rolled hemming, set the stitch length dial to “2” or “F” and a fine seam

can be obtained.

2. How to exchange throat plate

A throat plate for rolled hem stitching has been furnished in the accessories for

this machine. By exchanging the ordinary overedge throat plate on the machine

with a rolled hemming throat plate by the following procedure, the machine can

be used for rolled hem stitching.











Disconnect the power line plug from the receptacle.

Turn the hand wheel toward you until the needle is at its

highest point.

Lift the presser foot.

Remove the cylinder cover, (see page 9)

Unscrew the throat plate screw and remove the throat

Install the rolled hemming throat plate and replace the


Replace the cylinder cover (See page 9).

Throat plate screw

When replacing the throat plate, be careful that the thread is not

caught between the throat plate and maciiinc.

Set seam width to the “M” mark on the rolled hemming throat plate.

To set seam width, align left edge of stationary knilc holder with the

“M” mark on the rolled hemming throat plate.

Be sure the stationary knife is not in contact with the edge of throat

Stationary knife



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