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24, Two or three-thread pin tucking

Pin tucking is a useful decoration when sewing blouses and children’s clothes. Pin tucking is accomplished

before cutting out garment.

Use ordinary overedge throat plate or rolled hemming throat plate.

Remove left needle.

Before sewing on your garment, always make a test stitch on a sample of your fabric so that you can

adjust the thread tensions correctly for standard 1 needle, 3 thread overedge stitching, or 1 needle 2

thread wrapped edge overlock stitching.

Place movable knife in non-operating position, (see page 11)

Fold fabric in half with the wrong side facing up.

Place fabric under the foot with the fold resting against the wall of edge guide.

Adjust edge guide so that the stitches will just overcast the edge of the fold as shown in the sketch.

Lower the foot and sew. When stitching is completed, press pin tuck to lay flat on one side.

25. Reinforced (tapes) overedge stitching

Inserting a tape while overedge stitching, will give a much more durable seam.


Remove front cover screw (1) and

install tape guide attachment.


Pass tape as shown in figure through

tape guide 0 , tape guide @, hole

(3) in presser foot and draw to rear

from under presser foot.


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