SINGER W1717 User Manual

Page 10

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Threading Upper Thread

Raise presser foot lifter.
Raise take-up lever to the highest

position by turning handwheel
towards you.

Thread following numbers "l>T).

Pass thread through guide (T).

Lead thread either side of tension

disc (2).

Hook it to guide (3,; from down
to upwards.

¡Thread take up lever

Pass thread to guide CD from right

to left, and guide (|) (left one)
then needle eye (7).

Leave end of thread of about 15
cm (6").

Twin Needle Threading

Thread in the same way as
normal threading, except at
points (2;, ® and

At point (|), pass threads sepa-
ratly to right and left of tension

At guide (6), pass one of threads
to right guide anc^ the other at
left guide.

At point (7), thread from right
guide should be lead to right
needle eye, and from left guide

to left needle eye.

Leave ends of threads of about

15 cm (6").

Decorative Tucks or

Any stitch can be used with the
twin needle for decorative effects.

Most attractive are the multiple

stitch zigzag and blind hem stitch

for fancy tucks. The satin stitch
or tapered zigzag designs in two
colors are effective for creative

Caution: Remember to use no more
than 2.5 zigzag width and needle

position control at


for twin

needle sewing.