Changing needle – SINGER W1717 User Manual

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Connecting foot controller

and power cord

Oonnect foot controller and
power cord '




Before plugging in your machine,

sure that voltage is same as

that of your machine, (written on
a:plate at back of machine)

a Switch on put power on the

machine and turn on the sewing


Push button to turn sewing

li|ht on and off.

Always switch off or unplug
machine when not in use.

* Specifications vary from country

tp country.

The more you press foot controller,
the faster the machine runs.

Changing Needle

Set needle in the highest
position by turning handwheel

towards you.

Loosen needle clamp screw and
remove needle.

With flat face away from you,
insert a new needle into groove
of needle bar.

Push needle until it reaches

stopper (a) and tighten needle
clamp screw firmly.

Always use a straight needle with
a sharp point.

Using defective or worn needles
not only causes stitch skipping,
breakage of needles or snapping

of thread: it also can damage
hook and needle plate.