SINGER W1717 User Manual

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Application of Decorative

Fun Patterns

A. Fun stitches Swan-Fish-Briar
The reverse stitch patterns pro­
duce swan, fish, briar designs for

use on household linens and
children clothes. These reverse
stitch pattern can be used to sew

in hems as the scallop stitch.
The reverse stitch patterns can

also be used for topstitching

bindings and ribbons for decorative
effect. This is done in the same

manner that lace is applied with
the zigzag stitch. The straight

stitched edge of the reverse stitch

patterns on the left should be
sewn on the left edge of the
binding or ribbon. This decorative

effect can be used on towels
and placemats for a pleasant

appearance. The reverse stitch

patterns can also be corded for
stronger decorative edges on place-

mats and tablecloths. Simply place
four strands of pearl cotton, em­
broidery floss or yarn under the

presser foot. A transparent foot
will help guide the cord evenly
while sewing the reverse stitch

patterns. The reverse stitch pat­
terns can be sewn with two threads
through one needle for a more

effective decorative stitch. Simply
thread two sewing threads through

the upper threading system. A

larger needle should be used to
accommodate the two threads.

Use this decorative technique for
enhancing tablecloths, placemats,

napkins, and curtains,

NOTE: Narrow patterns may be
made by setting zigzag width to
4 3-2.

10. BLINU ncivi o III v^> ■

Set machine as shown.

Fold material as shown and place

it under foot.

For a neater finish, it is preferable
to baste or iron hem before hand




L__— --—


Sew carefully, so that straigh

stitches are made on hem edgi

and slanting stitches pierce onl

one or two threads of fold.