SINGER W1717 User Manual

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bverlocking stitches make it
possible to sew and overcast

seams at the same time.

Set machine as shown,

a For medium, thin material

b For medium, thick material

Put two pieces of cloth together

with right sides facing and sew.

To prevent edges from fraying,
sew so that right side stitches
drop outside the edge of material.

In some cases overlooking

stitches can be used for

This stitch is very effective for

overcasting, edgestitching, etc,
on knits and very stretchy fabrics,
also, for decoration.

A decorative topstitch can be

produced with the elastic edging
stitch. Stitch around the structural
lines of the garments for a dramat^

ic effect. Topstitch a braid or
decorative inset with the elastic

edging to add an additional
decorative flair.

Pattern: AA
Length: 5
width: 5

Feed Dog: Up
Pressure: Normal
Foot: Embroidery
Needle Position: L or R

As with the stretch blind hem,
the elastic edging stitch can be

used for a decorative edge on
place mats, napkins and table­
cloths. Proceed as you would
with the stretch blind hem stitch,

but use the elastic edging stitch

Pattern :AA
Length: 5
Width: 3-5

Feed Dog: Up
Pressure: Normal
Foot: Embroidery

Needle Position: M, L or R

Applications of the Elastic