SINGER W1717 User Manual

Page 9

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Inserting Bobbin

Place bobbin in its case with

thread running in direction of

Guide thread into slot

bpbbin case.

(a) of

Pulling thread to left, bring it

under tension spring then to
delivery eye (b).

Adjusting Lower Tension

To test bobbin tension, hang and
shake bobbin case as shown.

At proper tension bobbin case
will gradually drop a small

To adjust tension, turn adjusting
screw with small screwdriver.

Raise needle in the highest


Leave end of thread of about 10

cm (4") from bobbin case.
Take hold of latch and push
bobbin case into shuttle
Release latch when bobbin case

is fully inserted.


The lever is in the right side of
shuttle cover. For normal sewing,
move the lever to ^ position.

To lower feed dog, move the
lever to 22 position.
This position is used for button
sewing, darning and embroidery.