Left and right side bajlance of buttonhole, Corded buttonholes, Left and right side balance of buttonhole – SINGER W1717 User Manual

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Left and Right Side
Bajlance of Buttonhole

Stitch density on right and left
sides of buttonhole can be adjust
by buttonhole balance control
This dial should usually be in a

neutral position (between " +
and " —"j

If the stitches on the right side of
thf buttonhole are too close
together, turn the dial to the left

♦ turning dial to left opens right

side and closes left side.



the stitches on the right side of

le buttonhole are too open, turn
le dial to the right ( —).

Turning dial to right closes right
side and opens left side.

Cutting Buttonholes

Stick a needle through bar tacks
to prevent over-cutting.

Cut buttonhole along center with
buttonhole cutter.

Corded Buttonholes

For stretch fabrics such as knits,

a corded buttonhole is effective
to keep finished buttonhole

in shape.

Hook filler cord on top spur and
lead ends of cord under foot, pull
taut, and hook them to bottom

notches as shown.

Proceed with stitching as for

regular buttonholes.

When buttonhole is completed,

pull filler cord ends so that loop
on the other end disappears into

buttonhole stitching.
Thread ends of cord to reverse

side and tie, or cut both ends of