Cloth guide, Adjusting thread tensior, Adjusting thread tension – SINGER W1717 User Manual

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starting to Sew

Pllace fabric under foot about 1
cm (0.4") inside the edge.
Lower presser foot lifter.

Hold on both threads during the
siiwing of the first 3-4 stitches
of the seam.

Double Presser Foot Lifter

In order to obtain winder gap
when using very thick materials,
firmly push presser foot lifter up
as far as it will go.

Reverse Sewing

"to reinforce seam, sew back-
v|/ards to the edge of fabric by

flushing down reverse sewing

Release lever and commence
forward sewing guiding fabric by

(land as it is fed.

Never pull material.

Cloth Guide

Use cloth guide when sewing a
long seam of regular distance
from edge of material.

Set guide in hole on arm, at right
of needle plate, and adjust

Run machine with edge of fabric
touching guide.

Position cloth guide at an angle
to sew a curved seam.

Sew reverse stitches for rein­
forcement at end of seam.

Draw fabric to left when sewing
is finished.

Cut threads with thread cuttei

behind presser bar.

Adjusting Thread Tensior

Test stitch performance on

scrap of material you are goin
to use.

With correct tension ((a;), upp<

and lower threads tension

equal and strong enough to lo(
both threads in center.

If upper tension is too tig
(loose), upper (lower) thread li

straight along upper (low.

surface of fabric ({br.ic,). Corrt

by turning tension dial.