SINGER W1410 User Manual

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4. Lower the needle carefully into the mark on the labric indicating the beginning of buttonhole.

Lower the presser foot and commence sewing the left row of the buttonhole until it reaches the end

of the marking. (1)
Stop the machine with needle on fabric at point A.

5. Lift the presser foot and using the needle as a pivot, turn the fabric end for end to bring the buttonhole

' to position (2).


Raise needle from fabric and

set the stitch length knob to “0”.

7. Set the zigzag width control knob at “5" and sew three or four stitches to make bar-tack. (2)

8. Raise needle from fabric, also set the stitch length knob to obtain satin stitch.

9. Now to sew the other row of the buttonhole, return the zigzag width control knob between “1 ” and “2" (to its

original setting) and commence to sew until your stitching reaches the position shown in figure (3).

10. To make the final bar-tack, again setting the stitch length knob to “0” and sew the bar-tack. (5)

11. Return zigzag width to “0” and take two or three stitches to fasten bar threads and prevent ravelling.

12. Remove fabric fro the machine and open the buttonhole with a buttonhold cutter or scam ripper.



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