SINGER W1410 User Manual

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V Always be. aware of the up-and-down movement of :ne needy, and uu no- ,u,n wn.-

machine while it is running.

2. When changing the needle, the presser foot, the bobbm or any oth,- oa-ts always u sronn- •

Dulling the plug out

of the



3. Do not place anything on the speed controller, otherwise the machine will star, inadveMenti-.

or motor may burn out. and could become a fire hazard .

4. The maximum permissible power for the sewing lamp bulb is 15 watts

5. When using your sewing machine for the first time, place a piece of waste fabric under the ,„ess..-r ,„o, and


the machine without thread for a few minutes. Wipe away any oil which may have appealed

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