SINGER W1410 User Manual

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Remove presser foot

Pattern selector............................... M ((, ~| .) j

Stitch length dial .

.................... Q

Place the fabric with embroidery hoop. Lower the presser foot

lifter. Hold the embroidery hoop firmly with your hand.

While sewing the desired pattern, move the emoroidery hoop

slowly and do not allow your fingers to get near the needle.

‘Set the needle thread tension a little looser so that the bobbin

thread is not pulled through to the right side of fabric.

*lt is recommended to mark tfie required embroidery pattern

on the right side of the fabric with a pencil or tailor's chalk.


1. Turn the stitch length dial to zero.

2. Turn the zig zag to the desired width.

3. Release the pressure on the pressure foot.

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