Applique – SINGER 1360 Style-O-Matic User Manual

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Applique adds beauty to wearing

apparel, linens and household textiles.

Either contrasting or self-fabric may

be used effectively. Most versatile stitch

for applique is a closely set Zigzag

stitch (FASHION Disc0). Stitch

width may be varied to accommodate

weaves and textures of fabrics.

Many of the FASHION Disc patterns

present interesting ways to applique

with decorative stitching.


Position design and baste

it to fabric. Attach Special Purpose

Foot to presser bar.


Set needle position at C

and stitch width at 0 for straight

stitching. Outline entire design with a

short stitch. Trim raw edges close to


Select and insert desired FASHION

Disc, set stitch width selector at de­

sired setting, and overedge design with

this stitching. A smooth uniform finish

results, which requires no additional


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