Seams (confd) – SINGER 1360 Style-O-Matic User Manual

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SEAMS (Confd)

Knit Fabric Seams. A

narrow Zigzag

stitch (FASHION Disc ®) is ideal for

seaming knit fabrics. It is particularly

suitable for underarm seams, or other

seams where elasticity and give are


For curved or bias seams, where

a stay is needed to prevent undue

stretching, this same stitch can be used

to apply seam tape. To insure a flat,

smooth finish, position tape with edge

exactly on seam line. If seam is curved,

pre-shape tape to fit by steaming, and

baste in place.

Proceed to stitch, allowing needle

to alternately enter seam tape and

seam line.

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