Cleaning and oiling the shuttle – SINGER W612 User Manual

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(See Fig. 55 and 56)

The stitch forming mechanism occasionally becomes

clogged with loose threads and lint. This will interfere with

the efficient operation of the machine. Cleaning and

removal of the lint will safeguard the performance.

To remove the shuttle assembly, proceed as follows;

1. Turn the balance wheel until the needle reaches its

highest position. Tilt head back on its hinges.

2. Remove bobbin case.
3. Turn the two shuttle race cover clamps (B) outward

and remove the shuttle race cover (C) and the shuttle

body (D).

4 .

clean the shuttle race, the shuttle, and shuttle race

cover by removing all threads, lint, etc.
When the cleaning has been completed, proceed as

follows to replace the shuttle assembly;

1 Turn the balance wheel until the needle reaches its

highest position.

2. Place shuttle body, (D), in race against shuttle driver and adiust into position.

3 Replace shuttle race cover, (C), fitting pin at lower edge into notch, and lock into po

' with shuttle race cover clamps, (B), making certain the clamps have been snapped sec

into position.

4. Put bobbin into bobbin case.
5. Put the bobbin case into the shuttle, fitting tongue into notch E of race cover.

Fig. 56