SINGER W612 User Manual

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Please read these .mportant .nstruct.ons which

^ere written to aid you m placing your new

sewing machine on its portable base.

F,st. remove the nail which holds the foot

cantrol inside the base to avoid damage in ship-

If a small plastic clamp is fastened

"o ?he back and not to the top of the partition

at one end of the base, remove it. too.

After unpacking the sewing machine unit,

being certain to take out the instruction book,

guarantee and accessory box, lay the unit face

down on a table. You will see two clamping

.crews A entering head hinge holes B on the

underside of the back.

On the base you will find two head hinges

C which will fit into holes B.

Lower the base

onto the sewing machine fitting hinges C mto

holes B. Tighten screws A securely with a

screw driver.

With machine in sewing position attach pi

tic clamp D to top of partition with screw (

ovided so that it may be turned across the

of the machine, to hoU it down. (On son

bases the clamp may be positioned in the p

per spot).

To make the electrical connection draw t

two wires through the slot in the partition c









the receptacle marked “Motor” on the bloc

attached to the outer section of the base. 1

insert the other cord into the Light recep

Place the foot control on the floor, inser

plug into a wall outlet (110-115 volts) and

are ready to sew. But first read the instru

book to become familiar with the threading

the machine, tension adjustments and all th.

other features designed to make sewing a s

a sure.