Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case, Insert the bobbin case into the shuttie, I nsert the bobbin into the bobbin casé – SINGER 214 User Manual

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Insert the Bobbin into the Bobbin Case

Insert the Bobbin Case into the Shuttie


1. Hold the bobbm in your right hand with the thread ruîinirjg clockwise.

2. insert the bobbin into the case with about 4 inchs (10 cm} of thread showing outside

the case.

3. Puli the thread through the slit in the case and then underneath the flat tension spring.

It will click when it is in place.

1, Hold the latch open, with the locating pin straight


2, Slide the bobbin case onto the center spindle of the

shuttle, keeping the


toward you.

NOTE: Be sure the locating pin fits into the locating

groove at the top of the shuttle.

3, Release the latch to lock the bobbin case in place.

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