SINGER 214 User Manual

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1. а. Raise the presser foot Hfter.

b. Loosen the presser foot



NOTE: Use the screw driver if it is difficult to loosen

the screw with your hand,

2. Attach the zipper foot

NOTE: loosen the screw at the back of the foot and

it can be slided to sew to the right or left side
of the needle,



width -

0 (straight stitch)

Stitch length - 1 to 3

3, To sew the right side of the zipper,

slide the foot to the right so that the
needle passes through the small
opening on the left side of the foot.

To sew the left side, position the foot
to the left of the needle.

To make a cording for slipcovers, lingerie
etc,, cover a length of cord with a bias

strip of fabric.

Position the foot to the left of the needle

so that needle passes through the

opening on the right side of the foot.

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