SINGER W1407 User Manual

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Presser foot.............. .. .zigzag foot

Pattern selector. . . .



,D( )

Stitch length dial. . .

.. .0.3 to 1

Closely spaced zigzag stitches are called satin stitches. This is an attractive stitch

used for appliqueing, bar tacking or sewing on buttons.

Whenever you are using this stitch, it is well to remember to loosen the tension of

the top thread slightly. The wider the stitch sewn the looser the tension.

If you are stitching on a very soft fabric, it is well to use a backing of tissue paper


and the bobbin thread will not be visible on the top side of the fabric.

It is best to practice a sample design on a fabric scrap before sewing design on





Same as with Satin Stitching
Select an applique design to be applied

to your garment and baste it in place.

Satin stitch around the raw edge of the

applique completely covering the edge.
You may want to do this with a con­

trasting color of thread or self color.


This stitch is similar to a very short satin

stitch and is used to reinforce points of

strain such as corners of pockets and

straps on lingerie.

Sew 4 to 6 zigzag stitches.