SINGER W1407 User Manual

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As is the case with all precision machinery, it is necessary for maximum efficiency

to property oil and clean at reasonable intervals. Even though the machine is not

in constant use, it is important to oil your machine since the oil will dry after

standing over a period of time. Use a good grade of sewing machine oil.

NOTE: Before oiling, clean away all lint or foreign matter. One or two drops of

oil are sufficient at each point.

The machine should be oiled at the arrow points shown. After you have

cleaned and oiled your machine, it is advisable to run the machine at high
speed so that the oil will penetrate all moving parts.

: After cleaning and oiling machine, wipe away all excess oil and sew on a

scrap of material to be sure machine sews cleanly.

nside Face Plate

jewing face plate open and
)il all moving parts at

riction points.