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A. Topstitching/Rick-Rack

A decorative topstitch can be produced with
the rick-rack stitch. Stitch around the struct­
ural lines of the garment tor a special effect.

Topstitch braid or a decorative inset to add
an additional creative flair.

B. Tapering/Rick-Rack

The rick-rack stitch may be tapered to form
creative stems and petals of flowers, embro­
idered pictures and wall hangings. As in
tapering the zigzag, slowly turn the stitch

width lever from 0 to 5 and back to 0. A
group of these tapered rick-rack stitch will
form bouquet-like effect.

C. Procedure:

• The elastic rick-rack stitch is a zigzag

line of stitching that is desired so that seams
may be pressed open.


• Apply this stitch to areas of stress on both

wovens and knits.

• Use narrow width of zigzag as a heavy duty

triple stitch for seams.

• Use medium and wide widths of zigzag for

overcasting edges of seams, facings and
hems of heavier weight fabrics such as

terrycloth, and for attaching elastic. Use
also for decorative stitching.

• Guide your fabric from the front. Do not

pull or push as it will cause poor stitching.

Elastic Triple Zigzag Stitch



Regular Zigzag Stitch

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