Safety information – Fluke 87 V User Manual

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80 Series V
Users Manual


Safety Information

The Meter complies with:




CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1:2004


Measurement Category III, 1000V, Pollution
Degree 2

Measurement Category IV, 600V, Pollution
Degree 2

In this manual, a Warning identifies conditions and
actions that pose hazards to the user. A Caution
identifies conditions and actions that may damage the
Meter or the equipment under test.
Electrical symbols used on the Meter and in this manual
are explained in Table 1.



To avoid possible electric shock or personal
injury, follow these guidelines:

Use this Meter only as specified in this
manual or the protection provided by the
Meter might be impaired.

Do not use the Meter if it is damaged.
Before you use the Meter, inspect the
case. Look for cracks or missing plastic.
Pay particular attention to the insulation
surrounding the connectors.

Make sure the battery door is closed and
latched before operating the Meter.

Replace the battery as soon as the
battery indicator (
M) appears.

Remove test leads from the Meter before
opening the battery door.

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