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HiRes Mode (Model 87)


Zoom Mode (Power Up Option Only)

To use the Rel Zoom Bar Graph:

1. Hold


F while turning the Meter on. The

display reads “


2. Select the relative mode by pressing F


3. The center of the bar graph now represents zero

and the sensitivity of the bar graph increases by
a factor of 10. Measured values more negative
than the stored reference activate segments to
the left of center; values more positive activate
segments to the right of center.

Uses for the Zoom Mode

The relative mode, combined with the increased
sensitivity of the bar graph's zoom mode, helps you make
fast and accurate zero and peak adjustments.
For zero adjustments, set the Meter to the desired
function, short the test leads together, press


; then

connect the leads to the circuit under test. Adjust the
circuit's variable component until the display reads zero.
Only the center segment on the zoom bar graph is lit.
For peak adjustments, set the Meter to the desired
function, connect the leads to the circuit under test; then


. The display reads zero. As you adjust for a

positive or negative peak, the bar graph length increases

to the right or left of zero. If an overange symbol lights (


>), press


twice to set a new reference; then

continue with the adjustment.

HiRes Mode (Model 87)

On a Model 87 Meter, pressing H for one second causes
the Meter to enter the high-resolution (HiRes), 4-1/2 digit
mode. Readings are displayed at 10 times the normal
resolution with a maximum display of 19,999 counts. The
HiRes mode works in all modes except capacitance,
frequency counter functions, temperature, and the 250



(peak) MIN MAX modes.
To return to the 3-1/2 digit mode, press H again for one

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