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80 Series V
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Using Conductance for High Resistance or
Leakage Tests

Conductance, the inverse of resistance, is the ability of a
circuit to pass current. High values of conductance
correspond to low values of resistance.
The Meter's 60 nS range measures conductance in
nanosiemens (1 nS = 0.000000001 Siemens). Because
such small amounts of conductance correspond to
extremely high resistance, the nS range lets you
determine the resistance of components up to 100,000


, 1/1 nS = 1,000 M



To measure conductance, set up the Meter as shown for
measuring resistance (Figure 5); then press C until
the nS indicator appears on the display.
The following are some tips for measuring conductance:

High-resistance readings are susceptible to
electrical noise. To smooth out most noisy readings,
enter the MIN MAX recording mode; then step to the
average (AVG) reading.

There is normally a residual conductance reading
with the test leads open. To ensure accurate
readings, use the relative (REL) mode to subtract
the residual value.

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