Maintenance, General maintenance, Fuse test – Fluke 87 V User Manual

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To avoid possible electric shock or personal
injury, repairs or servicing not covered in
this manual should be performed only by
qualified personnel as described in the
80 Series V Service Information

General Maintenance

Periodically wipe the case with a damp cloth and mild
detergent. Do not use abrasives or solvents.
Dirt or moisture in the terminals can affect readings and
can falsely activate the Input Alert feature. Clean the
terminals as follows:
1. Turn the Meter off and remove all test leads.
2. Shake out any dirt that may be in the terminals.
3. Soak a new swab with a cleaning and oiling agent

(such as WD-40). Work the swab around in each
terminal. The oiling agent insulates the terminals
from moisture-related activation of the Input Alert

Fuse Test

If a test lead is plugged into the mA/


A or A terminal and

the rotary switch is turned to a non-current function, the
Meter chirps and flashes “

LEAd” if the fuse associated

with that current terminal is good. If the Meter does not
chirp or flash “

LEAd”, the fuse is bad and must be

replaced. Refer to Table 8 for the appropriate
replacement fuse.
To test the quality of the fuse before measuring current,
test the appropriate fuse as shown in Figure 10. If the
tests give readings other than those shown, have the
Meter serviced.



To avoid electrical shock or personal injury,
remove the test leads and any input signals
before replacing the battery or fuses. To
prevent damage or injury, install ONLY
specified replacement fuses with the
amperage, voltage, and speed ratings shown
in Table 8.

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