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80 Series V
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3. If you are using the A terminal, set the rotary switch to

mA/A. If you are using the mA/


A terminal, set the

rotary switch to


A for currents below 6000



(6 mA), or mA/A for currents above 6000



4. To measure dc current, press


5. Break the circuit path to be tested. Touch the black

probe to the more negative side of the break; touch
the red probe to the more positive side of the break.
Reversing the leads will produce a negative reading,
but will not damage the Meter.

6. Turn on power to the circuit; then read the display. Be

sure to note the unit given at the right side of the
display (


A, mA, or A).

7. Turn off power to the circuit and discharge all high-

voltage capacitors. Remove the Meter and restore the
circuit to normal operation.

The following are some tips for measuring current:

If the current reading is 0 and you are sure the Meter
is set up correctly, test the Meter's fuses as described
under "Testing the Fuses".

A current Meter drops a small voltage across itself,
which might affect circuit operation. You can calculate
this burden voltage using the values listed in the
specifications in Table 14.

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