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Service and Parts


Replacing the Fuses

Referring to Figure 11, examine or replace the Meter's
fuses as follows:
1. Turn the rotary switch to OFF and remove the test

leads from the terminals.

2. Remove the battery door by using a standard-blade

screwdriver to turn the battery door screws one-
quarter turn counterclockwise.

3. Remove the three Phillips-head screws from the

case bottom and turn the case over.

4. Gently push up the input terminal-end of the top case

from inside of the battery compartment to separate
the two halves of the case.

5. Remove the fuse by gently prying one end loose,

then sliding the fuse out of its bracket.

6. Install ONLY specified replacement fuses with the

amperage, voltage, and speed ratings shown in
Table 8.

7. Verify that the rotary switch and the circuit board

switch are in the OFF position.

8. Replace the case top, ensuring that the gasket is

properly seated and case snaps together above the
LCD (item A).

9. Reinstall the three screws and the battery door.

Secure the door by turning the screws one-quarter
turn clockwise.

Service and Parts

If the Meter fails, check the battery and fuses. Review this
manual to verify proper use of the Meter.
Replacement parts and accessories are shown in Tables
8 and 9 and Figure 12.
To order parts and accessories, refer to “Contacting

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