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MIN MAX Recording Mode

The MIN MAX mode records minimum and maximum
input values. When the inputs go below the recorded
minimum value or above the recorded maximum value,
the Meter beeps and records the new value. This mode
can be used to capture intermittent readings, record
maximum readings while you are away or record readings
while you are operating the equipment under test and
cannot watch the Meter. MIN MAX mode can also
calculate an average of all readings taken since the MIN
MAX mode was activated. To use MIN MAX mode, refer
to the functions in Table 7.
Response time is the length of time an input must stay at
a new value to be recorded. A shorter response time
captures shorter events, but with decreased accuracy.
Changing the response time erases all recorded
readings. Model 83 has 100 millisecond response time;
Model 87 has 100 millisecond, and 250


s (peak)

response times. The 250 µs response time is indicated by
"p" on the display.
The 100 millisecond response time is best for recording
power supply surges, inrush currents, and finding
intermittent failures.
The true average value (AVG) displayed in the 100 ms
mode is the mathematical integral of all readings taken
since the start of recording (overloads are discarded).

The average reading is useful for smoothing out unstable
inputs, calculating power consumption, or estimating the
percentage of time a circuit is active.
Min Max records the signal extremes lasting longer than
100 ms.
Peak records the signal extremes lasting longer than
250 µs.

Smooth Feature (Power Up Option Only)

When the input signal changes rapidly, “smoothing”
provides a steadier reading on the display.
To use the smooth feature:
1. Hold


C while turning the Meter on. The

display will read “


” until C is released.


The smooth icon (


) will appear on the left side

of the display to let you know that smoothing is


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