Feelworld FW-1D/S/O User Manual

Page 14

background image



Color difference interface video signal input selection


Menu button

Volume up, in OSD menu for left adjustment, function confirm or

increase the value of analog on the menu

Volume down, in OSD menu for right adjustment, function confirm

or decrease the value of analog on the menu

Enter menu operation for menu option and submenu up selection

Image still and menu operation down selection button. No

enter menu operation, press this button directly enables the

movable picture still in the picture. Enter menu operation as

menu optionand submenu down selection

Photography mode. Using 5D2 or 550D and other similar camera,

press the button

, the screen image disappears after about

6-8 seconds, will return to full screen display image, then watch

from framing of the screen image to the recording when there is

no time difference, image NO distortion, NO black, NO delay,

perfect without distortion


Custom button, can select(Screen marker, monochrome display,

point to point, peaking focus assist, false colors filter, exposure,

brightness histogram, scanning mode, center marker,

segmentation,magnification ) one of them as definition function,

please set the system into menu.


Custom button, see F1


Custom button, see F1


Custom button, see F1