Feelworld FW-1D/S/O User Manual

Page 17

background image


, press "

" or "

" to confirm, press “


”to select the

adjustment, then use "

" or "

" to adjust or select the adjustment.


" to exit.

Menu page 1 picture

Language: Chinese, English

Screen Marker : Picture framing marker selection frame(off,96%,93%,


Center Marker: Screen center marker(cross marker)display setting

Scan Mode: To deal with special image(standard, overscan, underscan)

Check Field: Color, black and white / monochrome switching, to switch

image color, black and white, monochrome (red, green, blue)

Camera : Canon 5D II or similar camera when shooting, image NO

deformation, NO black, NO delay, perfect without distortion

Menu page 2 picture

Image Flip: the U/D, L/R of the image around flip

H/V delay: H/V delay optional switch

Dot By Dot: In the video, the point to point display. Observing the image