Product feature – Feelworld FW-1D/S/O User Manual

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Dear users:

Thank you for purchasing our photography, broadcast HD-SDI LCD Monitor kit. This

product employs digital signal processing circuit and professional TFT LCD screen. It's

high brightness, low power consumption, stable performance and emits no radiation

advantages, strong compatibility, adjustable color temperature control. Advanced features

include Screen marker, CAMERA mode, Image magnification, Image flip and change,

Monochrome mode etc. It is an ideal portable light weight frame supporting the monitor.

The monitor is not only with HDMI, COMPONENT(YPbPr), composite video, Audio

signals input, also with HD-SDI input & output, to meet different customers' needs.

Product feature:

Peaking focus assist(peaking filter)

CAMERA mode: Canon 5D Mark II mode

After exposurs hint

False Colors

Image magnification/scaling, image flip function


e in picture(PIP)function

Line field blanking

Brightness histogram

Front earphone hole

Monochrome display: color, black and white, red, green, blue, closed

Aspect ratio

: full screen, point to point, panoramic. Zoom 2, Zoom 1, 4:3

Scan mode: st

andard, underscan, overscan

Screen marker: off, 96%, 93%, 90%, 85%


Screen Center Marker(cross mark) display setting

Display pixel and the pixel point to point display

Panel button function custom setting

The current picture still, capture function

LED backlight, Image display brighter ,screen does not flicker